Wilson [K] Factor [K] Pro Staff 88 Racquet

Wilson [K] Factor [K] Pro Staff 88

The Wilson K Factor KPro Staff 88 was designed especially for 14-time grand slam winner Pete Sampras and carries his signature on the frame. Proper technique is required as it offers a lot of heft, but from a smaller than usual sweetspot in this 88 square inch frame. Most of the weight in KPro Staff 88 is located in the handle making this a headlight racquet for increased maneuverability. There is no doubt that it is a demanding racquet, but tournament players with long and fast swings could raise their level of play with the Wilson K Factor KPro Staff 88.

Headsize:  88 sqin
Length:  27.00 in
Weight:  12.8 oz / 364 g
Balance:  9 pts head light
Stiffness:  68
Swingweight:  347
String pattern:  16x19
Tension:  55 - 65 lbs
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H
One Piece
No shared holes

User reviews

On Jul/11 Alex said: The weight and the feel this racquet provides reminds one of the wooden racquets. It is incredibly soft, and the ball never seems to actually rebound from the string-bed: rather, being caught then thrown! The missing racquet weight difference between this racquet and the conventional wooden racquet (14 Oz) is probably created to compensate for the quicker balls today. An absolute must for any player. Besides, beginners do not lack power, but control; and this racquet is all about control and feel.

On Jun/09 David (4.5) said: WOW!! This one is seriously heavy. My local shop had a demo and I just had to try it. It started okay, hitting a few nice shots, but as my arm got more and more tired the number of mishits increased and my friend had to stay inside the baseline to hit his returns. My game is just not good enough for this kind of racquet but I have to admire the people actually playing (and playing good) with this one.

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