Wilson Steam 99S Racquet

Wilson Steam 99S

The Wilson Steam 99S could be the beginning of a very interesting development for racquets. It features an extremely open string pattern of 16 mains and 15 crosses. The number of main strings is standard, but rarely do players have an option for a racquet with less than 18 crosses. The increased gap between the cross strings ensures that the mains can travel a large distance as you hit the ball and then return to the original position after the hit. This provides a tremendous amount of spin previously unseen in other racquets. The reduced number of crosses also allows for more pace and overall this is could make the game of tennis even more exciting in the future.

BLX technology is also being used within the Wilson Steam 99S frame, where volcanic rock is transformed into gold fiber for an incredible resistance towards undesirable vibrations. Amplifeel technology in the handle creates an improved feel and lots of comfort, through enhanced foam being stabilized with graphite and basalt planks.

At the moment no ATP or WTA Tour pro are using the Wilson Steam 99S, but that could change at any moment. It is well suited for intermediate and advanced players hoping for more spin and an improved kick serve.

Headsize:  99 sqin
Length:  27.00 in
Weight:  11.4 oz / 323 g
Balance:  3 pts head light
Stiffness:  69
Swingweight:  333
String pattern:  16x15
Tension:  54 - 64 lbs
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 15 Crosses
Mains Skip: 8H, 8T
One Piece
No Shared Holes

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